Short Stories by Theresa Breslin

  • Act of Love (All for Love) & (Across the Water)
  • Blair, the Boy Who Could Not Be Still (Dear Mum, Don’t Panic)
  • Blair Goes Camping (Stories from Scotland)
  • Down the Pan (On the Money)
  • A Falcon for a Queen (Centuries of Stories)
  • The Foreigner (Through Sand, Snow and Steam)
  • The Foreigner – Abridged (Through Sand, Snow and Steam – Access Edition)
  • The Gay Goshawk (Magic Carpet, Stories from around the World)
  • The Last Box (The Tartan Rainbow)
  • The Legend of Ledmore and Migdale
  • Maelstrom (Amazing Adventure Stories) & (Puffin Book of Stories for 10 Year Olds)
  • Maelstrom in Scots (A Braw Brew)
  • Notes in the Margin (Points North)
  • On the shoulders of others (ELSEWHERE)
  • School Slave ( FREE )
  • Shadow and Light (War Girls)
  • There But For… (Paying for It)
  • The Traveller (Just What I Always Wanted) & (Short Stores, Voyage3)
  • You Can Do It (Best of Friends & Adventure Stories for 10 Year Olds)
  • When the Bookworm ate its words
The Legend of Ledmore & Migdale by Theresa Breslin and Katie Leiper

The Legend of Ledmore & Migdale, by Theresa Breslin and illustrated by Kate Leiper, was written for a special geocaching trail that winds through one and half miles of beautiful native woodland. Seven chapters are hidden in secret spots along the path.